I am their fury. I am their patience.

7 September 1971
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I'm a park naturalist and wildlife rehabilitator, and currently share my home with two skunks, two opossums, one bat, two dogs, and a variety of injured or orphaned wildlife "boarders" that stay just until they are ready to be released.

My Jedi power is to brainwash small children (and many adults) into believing disgusting, creepy, slimy creatures are actually quite lovely and even adorable. Check this out:

Me: "Awww, look at the baby leeches! Aren't they cute?" *does Jedi hand thing*
Entire third grade class: "Awwwww"

(you have been warned - hang out with me at your own risk....Muahahaha ha ha ha ha)

Got a computer of my very own for Christmas, coinciding with my brain being taken over by giant transforming robots after FINALLY getting around to watching the TF Movie (reawakening fond-but-vague memories of the G1 cartoon), poked around the internet yearning for more, and found fanfiction - some of it hysterical & some knock-my-socks-off GOOD. Wow! And some way nifty awesome amazing people too! And so I, crusader for getting folks OFF the computer and outside, have been assimilated. Resistance was futile. I really had no idea *shakes head*

Feel free to comment or friend me - if you've never commented I'll assume you want to lurk, otherwise, I'll probably friend you back ^^

Look, Ma! I made a website! Protectobot Beginnings - all my fics in nicely organized fashion, plus nearly P-bot fic ever written. No snippet too small! That's my motto :D

10/31/12 Sadly, I've let the google website lapse, so the fic lists and such have not been updated in a very long time - still there's lots of fun older stuff there if you are interested in reading a wide variety of fics involving the Protectobots. I'm playswithworms over on Dreamwidth, too. I try to mirror content on both sites although any posts with photos will be imported later since DW doesn't have a scrapbook/phone app yet.

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