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The Last Knight! I survived!

Went to see it yesterday morning, fully expecting to be completely lost and confused and eye rolling, but that there'd be a few fun tidbits here and there and some robot eye candy, and I was not wrong!

Stuff I liked:
Young girl hero Izabella - she was fun, very minimal screen time.
Izabella's little robot buddy and its heroic taking out of the big-thing-that-exploded (as you may infer, I'd completely lost track of the plot 5 minutes in)- "you're small and you're ugly, they'll never see you coming!"
Baby Dinobots! That are tiny and growing and "starting to get their powers" so ha. Baby robot headcanon further supported! All three seconds of time they were in the movie.
Lennox! He was there! I have no idea what he was doing, and darnit why no robot interaction, these were his friends, right? But it was good to see him.
British!Mikaela - there was the usual luscious lips and skin tight dresses thing, but it didn't get too bad, and I thought the developing relationship with Cade avoided being eye-rolly. Also they gave her some practical waders for exploring the underwater spaceship, although those managed to be pretty form fitting as well. Interesting they brought up the whole "knights should be celibate" thing with Cade, too, and implied he'd been celibate since his wife died without doing something weird and eye-rolly about it? So that was nice.
Cogman the butler robot - was mostly fun, but sometimes...it just got weird.
Bee's true voice bringing Opt back to his senses - walked the close border of my cheesiness tolerance there, but didn't *quite* cross that line. Although I thought he ripped out the other voice module they tried to fix him with earlier so not sure how that worked?
Secret!Cybertronian Submarine (at least I think so? Again, sooooooo lost)
Space ship! And Cybertron bits falling all over the Earth or whatever it was doing.
The black guy didn't die, that was nice. They tried to give him some character but no one seemed to really care about him?

Stuff I didn't like:
Soooooooooooooo lost. What the what. As one review termed it, a "ludicrous mess." I expected it but it was even worse than I expected. It took me reading a review of the movie to realize that the 12 robot knights combined to turn into the three-headed dragon?
The constant relentless antagonism - every single interaction between every single sentient being it seemed like. Yell yell yell insult punch yell huff yell insult. I mean not everyone needs to get along all the time, but good lord. I think this was my least favorite thing about the whole movie - I had to literally shut my eyes and plug my ears and tune out because it just kept going and going.
Boy Michael Bay sure does love his "human bodies flying through the air in giant explosions" doesn't he? Gets old after awhile.
Killing of Izabella's big robot buddy right off the bat - I mean c'mon, let her show her mad repair skillz and then he could hang out recovering and they could do "a girl and her big robot buddy" fun bonding stuff? I mean, she had her little robot buddy, but we always get the boys and their big robot buddies all the time. I want Izabella and Optimus Prime's Amazing Road Trip With Bonus Baby Robot Hijinks.

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