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[sticky post] Master fic list

Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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Jury duty

Had to call in this week each day, and yesterday my group number was called in, so got to make the drive downtown in the wee hours and find parking and navigate the city-county building (I've been there several times before for work, but it's always a bit of a stressful adventure!)

cut for talk of domestic violenceCollapse )

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Chinese translation!

Dinofelis on Ao3 asked a few weeks ago if they could translate "Impressionable" into Chinese, and they posted it today! Impressionable translated into Chinese Hee!

Just for fun, I hit "translate page" in the Chrome browser - as expected with auto translation (not to mention a translation of a translation), a bit mangled, but the overall gist is understandable, and it came up with delightful sentences like "How can the great leader repair this riddled world?" The Protectbots become the "Machine Guards", Ironhide is "Tin", Wheeljack and Hoist are "jack" and "trolley", Sentinel Prime is "Royal Predator" or "Imperial Enemy" and Starscream is "underaged spider" XD

Reverse translation of 'Impressionable' from ChineseCollapse )

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A small sad

I decided to splurge for lunch and get a "fancy" (for me) salad from Panera Bread, but got it home and alas! Cilantro! Chopped up in teeny bits, not just a sprig or two, so it had contaminated the whole thing. Managed to get most of it off the chicken pieces so still got to eat those, but the rest went to the compost. Note to self: next time don't get the Asian sesame.

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Happy Saturday!

Had a nice low key and good Thanksgiving with mom, brother, sis 'n law, and niecelet - everyone brought side dishes and brother did a good job with the turkey, niecelet wouldn't try any of it and only ate the pies and desserts XD Donated a wee bit to the Wôpanâak language reclamation project in recognition of the other side of this holiday (and, if I'm to be completely honest, in a cranky response to certain Facebook posts by other relatives who I was just as happy not to visit this year). http://www.wlrp.org/

Yesterday Opted Outside and went for a nice long hike at my own park! Not something I have time for during the year usually, unless I'm leading a group or field trip on a hike, so it was fun to just meander and poke about and explore some spots I hadn't been able to get to for awhile. Found a big empty snail shell for raccoon girl and she loved it so much she played with it for a solid hour - finally took it away and distracted her with treats and ice cubes to play with because I was afraid she was going to short out her poor little raccoon brain!

Have been trying to write, but it goes very slowly - I have twelve different half ideas that just stall out after a few sentences. If I could just choose one to let percolate I might get somewhere! *shakes brain*

Did you know, David Harbour originally auditioned for a different part than Chief Hopper in Stranger Things? XD

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Two things down!

Got the garage cleaned out enough that I can actually get the car in it before it starts snowing - still had piles of stuff to get tossed or donated from when I rearranged the house in August, and lots of cardboard and tools and debris from when I made the catio. It's not what you would call *clean*, by any means, but at least there's a big open space in the middle now where a car will fit.

Also took Gandalf and Toast in for their vaccines today - I used to use the local PetSmart/Banfield store clinic, mainly because they were really nearby and convenient, but I got a little disenchanted with their whole "plan" thing (if your pet dies, you can't cancel the rest of your vet care plan payments, even if you won't be using those services - I had to pay monthly fees for Kettle for almost 8 months after she died, which included coverage for dental cleaning and vaccines she didn't get that year), and the vet I liked there has moved on and the new ones...don't really seem like they like animals all that much? Maybe just exhausted and overworked and I got them on off days, hard to tell, but I didn't renew Gan & Toast's plans, and never did one for Bones.

Anyway, since shots were due and everyone seems healthy, took the lads to the low cost clinic downtown (Bones isn't due for shots until spring), which is not close or convenient at all, but definitely a lot cheaper, and they always do a great job with the various strays and waifs I've taken there over the years. It's first come first serve, and the waiting area usually has 30+ humans and dogs and cats: cats are yowling, dogs barking and dragging their owners around, small kids getting bored - it can be a chaotic place! Today was no exception, it was super busy and waited about three hours before my turn came up, got to watch a lovely but completely over-excited 85 pound pup with a busted abscess on her head bound around and bark at everyone and flail her bloody head all over her owner when he sat on the floor with her to try to keep her calmed down, among other things, poor guy.

And somehow the staff managed to give Toast and Gan as good a check up as they ever got at the other place, took their time letting them come out of the carriers on their own and made friends first (Toast was rubbing against the vet and tech's legs even after he'd been nabbed and jabbed three times, lol), cleaned some wax Toast had accumulated in one ear to make sure it wasn't anything else and double checked Gandalf's weird tooth thing that he did when he was a kitten to make sure it wasn't causing any problems, even though it was just supposed to be a vaccine-only, not a medical appointment. They don't handle complex medical issues, and Mom really likes her vet that she's been taking all her cats to, so might check them out next year or if anything weird comes up healthwise, but for now I was very impressed by the quality of care, and how the staff was able to deal with anything and everything under the sun that walked through the door.

Oh yes, and I changed the furnace filter, so that's three things down! Go me! :D

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Stranger Things fic

Hey, I wrote a thing! Whooo boy, like pulling rusty nails though, making the words go, yearghh. Super rusty, but hopefully that's got the brain warmed up a bit! Not entirely happy with it, but it'll do pig, it'll do.

Fic takes place after the end of Season 2, and even the summary would be spoilery if you haven't seen it, so just going to link (basically I'm just rewriting my favorite hurt/comfort trope for another fandom, lol):

Promised Things

In other news: Todays' Adventures with Niecelet - saving her from the Giant Heavy Rice Pillow of Doom which she was trapped beneath with the aid of Paw Patrol (including at least four Skyes, two Rubbles, two Ryders, and a giant Everest and a tiny Everest) and a plastic monkey. By working together, the whole set of little plastic dudes was able to roll the pillow off of her! It was epic and fraught with great peril, lol.

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Tampons! Unused ones, thank goodness. Raccoon-girl has leveled up her drawer-opening skills - she'd not bothered the ones in the bathroom, but yesterday decided they needed investigating: and there was a baggie of tubes in the drawer! And you can tear open the baggie and pull out the tubes! And then you can tear off the paper wrapping around the tubes! And then you can pull one cardboard tube out of the other cardboard tube! And then there's a wad of cotton with a string and you can pull that out of the tube and then frolic around the living room with it! XD

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A Capella Science!

I found an awesome - there's a whole YouTube channel of songs! I recommend Bohemian Gravity and Whole New Worlds as well ^^

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It got me!

Stranger Things, I got sucked in! One of my co-workers is really into it and was bouncing around about the second season being released on Netflix on Friday, so I watched the first episode of the first season on Wednesday...and stayed up until 1am and finished the whole first season, edge of seat the whole time, lol. Then I did the same thing Friday to watch the second season! I haven't enjoyed a TV show that much in a long time - it's set in 1983 Indiana, so basically my childhood - OMG, the 80's hair and clothes, and telephones that are attached to the wall and if someone was away from it you can't get ahold of them, it's so crazy! XD

Some truly creepy moments, but most of the suspense I think came from how attached I got to all of the characters. Winona Ryder gave an awesome heart-wrenching performance as a mom whose little boy has gone missing, and the kids were great (I'm the world's worst actor, so when I see kids with this kind of talent I'm always in awe), satisfying moments of badass and kindness in amongst the creepy and bad guys, and some tropes subverted and poked just enough to be fun. So! I recommend it :D

In other news, raccoon girl continues to poke her little paws into everything she can reach, has healed up nicely from her spay surgery, and now clocks in at a whopping 10.4 pounds! Most raccoons are 15-25 pounds, so she's still a little dink. Her latest discovery is opening the lids on the betta tanks (I now have screen lids she can't open - she likes to sit on top and try to catch the fish through the glass) and that she can pull off the foam covering of my living room torchiere lamp.

Hoping to get some writing done this November! I've been stalled out for awhile, but have some vacation time to use up, if I can get through this next week which will be back-to-back busy. Going to sign up for NaNoWriMo just for the motivation and fun, not really planning to hit 50K, but I'll be happy if I can just plunk out anything.

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