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[sticky post] Master fic list

Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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Look, it's my brain!

Teeny bits of it, anyway - finally feel like I'm starting to get some sanity back, as daycamps are done and I've had a few no-program days at work to get my ducks in a row. Or possums. Or something. Wildlife season hasn't slowed down one jot - still bottle feeding three late-season baby raccoons twice a day, and got in 12 teeny opossum orphans that need tube-feeding three times a day. The raccoons are nibbling on bananas and hard-boiled eggs tonight, and the opossum babies opened their eyes yesterday, so they should get the hang of lapping from a dish probably in the next week - light at the end of the tunnel!

We had major wind gusts in a storm earlier in the week, and my power went out about 2am, which means my baby wildlife incubator stopped incubating, and I had no way to warm up formula to feed anyone in the morning. Spent the rest of the night with 12 baby opossums bundled in a pillowcase under my shirt to keep them warm - it was a very squirmy night! Mot much sleeping, lol. Packed them and the three raccoons in the car first thing in the morning, along with their formula in coolers to keep it warm, and drove everyone to the nature center - was able to get the opossums fed before first program of the day, but raccoon babies were old enough that they were too freaked out by the new environment to eat anyway, so they got their breakfast later in the afternoon. Happily the power was back on by the time I got home - threw away a few things in the fridge, since I had to open it in the morning to get the formula out, but it was mostly vegetables for critters rather than human food, so not much lost. Normally losing power isn't a super big deal for me, but with teeny wildlife babies it's a logistical nightmare - really considering getting a generator, although I don't think I'd want to leave it running unattended so would probably end up carting babies to work with me anyway.

Had my usual Saturday night hangout time with niecelet and mom - niecelet is attending preschool a couple days a week and learning to write out her name. I wrote her name and my name and my mom's name and her dad's name in chalk on the back porch, and oh, the complete and utter earth-shattering joy and delight when she discovered that some of our names had THE SAME LETTERS! Hee ^_^

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Behold, I have prepared foods!

That 'minor' cold from way back when progressed to a sinus infection that knocked me flat for a couple weeks - I had all kinds of programs and volunteer trainings at work, so I dosed up on cold medicine enough to stay functional, but didn't have much energy left over for anything else, and the house was really showing it! Finally started feeling human again this week - my head doesn't feel like a bowling ball, which is lovely :) And have had three days off in a row, whoo hoo!

House is now back to minimal standards of civilization, and I was in a cooking mood today now that the kitchen is clean(ish) - I've been resorting to fast food and mac-n-cheese way too much lately. Made a veggie omelet for breakfast, some pear-oatmeal bars to take as snacks to work next week (smelled lovely while cooking, but not particularly tasty - maybe they'll grow on me), rolled up a bunch of mini bean burritos and put them in the freezer to take for lunches, sliced some potatoes and baked with soup mix seasoning and mozzarella cheese and gobbled them up for dinner tonight, they turned out quite tasty. On the wildlife food prep, mixed up a big batch of "raccoon glorp" - peas, carrots, bananas, nuts and seeds, blueberries, yogurt, etc. and froze it into baby food jars - keeps raccoon girl occupied for awhile eating them.

In other news, someone brought in a big brown bat last week with a broken wing bone - I have another one I'm hibernating and will release in the spring, but this one I'm not sure will be releasable. Dropped her off at the vet this morning but they didn't get a chance to look at her today, will find out the verdict tomorrow if they can do surgery on the wing (it's one of the hair thin "finger" bones, but the ends are sticking out from the wing and it's been that way for awhile) and if there's any hope of regaining full flight. I'm pretty doubtful, so have been brushing up on my long-term captive bat care since odds are good she'll have to stay as a non-releasable education bat. She's an older lady, her teeth are worn instead of pointy-sharp like on my hibernating bat, but she's super feisty and is starting to get the hang of eating mealworms from tweezers.

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Since posting photos on DW is kinda tedious, but on tumblr I can just stick 'em directly from my phone:
Color changing betta Legolas-the-fish

I also got two new bettas, since my little Bluestreak betta died several weeks ago, after a good run of 4 or 5 years, and I had an empty tank: Two new feesh

My little zinnias are sprouting, yay!

Caught a cold, after dodging the germs all year, so not so yay *snorfles and snuffs* My voice survived the 100 first graders and two hours of showing them pond bugs this morning (and they all went out and scooped - had to break through the ice on the pond to do it, lol, and we only caught algae and muck for the most part, but I was impressed - they all did it and they all had an awesome time!), but I am now left with nothing but a a piteous raspy whisper. Happily tomorrow I can just snuggle in and not do much, maybe my taxes if I get ambitious.

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Laundry day! (maybe tomorrow)

Finally got dryer repaired this afternoon, so I can catch up on the big backlog of critter laundry. I've been doing my human laundry and just hanging up around the house to dry, which works fine, but would be pretty tedious to do with all the critter towels and blankets.

Also got a dental filling replaced this morning - all of my fillings are from at least 25 years ago, and apparently after awhile they start to need replacing. This wasn't bad at all, except I've got a cold sore in the corner of my mouth and it was not happy with me holding my mouth open and now it's really sore! So, I'm considerably poorer, and my mouth is a little bit cranky, but all in all a productive day (I have not, yet, accomplished any laundry, being a little worn out from several longs days at work this week, but instead have spent the evening snugged on the couch watching a PBS documentary on The History of China, which caught my fancy and was fascinating! I knew there were huge gaps in my grokking of Chinese history and I was right.)

While I was waiting for the repair person (who turned out to be a Very Tall Person, and I had to warn him to duck under my low hanging light fixtures and the low ceiling going down the staircase and other hazards of my Very Short Person house, lol) managed to get some zinnias and Mexican sunflower seeds started for spring, now percolating in their dirts on my hopefully out-of-reach-from-raccoon table by the window, and also planted some shooting star and cardinal flower seeds in milk jugs and put them outside - they're native wildflowers so they need the cold temps first before they'll decide to sprout. I put my big poofy winter coat away too soon! After two weeks of warm February, we're back in the lower 20's F for March - I was way under dressed today in my lesser winter coat, brrrrrr

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Hey, I wrote a thing!

A new thing, not just a repost even!

Happy Prime Chapter 4

In other news, all my wildlife permits and reports are due next week - every year I plan to get them done early and every year I'm right down to the wire - I just need about 8 uninterrupted hours, but work has been one thing after another. Thinking I might sneak in and hide in the office on Saturday and try to get them hammered out, because I have a feeling next week is not going to cooperate on the uninterrupted front.

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Shiver me timbers

It's cold out there! After an unseasonably warm fall and start to winter, it's a bit of a shock to the system, but I'm starting to get adjusted I think - got around an inch of snow just in time for Christmas, and now temps are in the low teens. Next weekend it's supposed to be even colder, -2 New Year's morning, which of course I volunteered to open the park up at 7am since the maintenance staff will be off for the holiday - whoosh! Better remember to pack my little butane firestarter thing in the car, 'cause you bet those padlocks are going to be frozen solid.

Had a quiet Christmas - went over to brother's for breakfast and cinnamon rolls and opened presents with niecelet. I got her a "Yeti in my spaghetti" game - there's a little plastic monster and you put strands of plastic spaghetti over a red bowl and lay it on top, and try to move spaghetti one strand at a time without letting the Yeti fall into the bowl. We played it a few times, and then the game part was abandoned in favor of pretend play with the Yeti eating the spaghetti and all the Paw Patrol pups also playing in the bowl with the spaghetti and using the cute little kid-microscope mom got her as a mountaintop staging area, lol - oh well, it was all definitely played with!

Poor brother was coming down with full blown flu yesterday though, looked pretty rough and barely lasted through presents :( And sis-in-law hasn't been feeling too well either - mom's had niecelet all day to try to let them rest. Mom and I both had our flu shots, and niecelet's had some epic sniffles the last week but seems to be ok otherwise so far. I've had a mild cold for the past week, but nothing too gruesome. Fingers crossed!

I got a Roku streaming player since my Chromecast widget has been giving up the ghost - set it up today and it was so nice to watch a Netflix without everything freezing every ten minutes :)

Brought in some snow for raccoon-girl and she had a good time pawing around in it, picking up hunks of snow and putting them in her water pan where they didn't last long XD All the kitties wanted to check out the snow, too, but raccoon kept chasing them away - I finally got them their own little dishes and put them up on the table (where they sniffed it and then decided it was boring).

I've been cross-posting some of my older Protectobot snippets to ao3 - something I'd started to do, but got side-tracked at some point. (Older as in from 2012, whoa! O_O) It's been fun going back and re-reading some of those - it's been long enough I've forgotten a lot of them!

What's everyone else been up to?

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It works! But my brain said nope

Mom got such a kick out of a Virtual Reality viewer we saw at an event that I was thinking of maybe getting her one for Christmas, since they've dropped in price quite a bit - ended up getting her a ladder she wanted instead, but decided to go to Best Buy and check them out anyway, and they had cardboard ones for only $10:

Insignia Virtual Reality Viewer

Looks like the Insignia ones are a knock off of the original Google Cardboard, which is still only $15. Wasn't sure how well it would work, but the reviews were good, and it is compatible with smartphones with screens 4"-6" which is what I have (iphone 6). You have to download the Google Cardboard app on to your phone, and then scan the QR code on the viewers to sync them up, and then it gives you an image of an arctic fox that gradually gets clearer and focused as it...does the syncing somehow? The app has some simple starter things to do - there's a target dot that you see in the view and a button on the viewer (made of cardboard!?) that you use to navigate, and you can go flying as a gull over an icy seascape, or press the button and "plant" fun flowers all over the landscape, or check out a 360 degree museum scene of dinosaur fossils, etc. -

Then I downloaded a couple other VR apps, including a roller coaster and forked over a dollar for a space one, but when I tried out the roller coaster it worked a little too well! I don't usually get motion sick, but whoo boy. I felt fine, laughing and enjoying it, until it ended, and then had to lay down for awhile, lol - felt queasy and my ears were ringing, and my head felt weird for about 4 hours, just now getting back to normal. I really want to try out the space one - the flying scene and other poking around VRs didn't seem to bother me, but probably shouldn't chance it until tomorrow @_@ There's also a "Google Cardboard Camera" app that lets you take 360 degree photos, and then you can view them in VR - haven't tried that yet either, but looks like it has some fun potential - just thinking of how you could share nature landscapes and vacation spots for people who aren't able to go there themselves for whatever reason.

Anyway, they work! I don't have much to compare them with as far as fancier versions (the others I saw at Best Buy were still $50+) - with these you have to hold them to your eyes, no head strap, and there was a bit of gap where the cardboard didn't fit perfectly to my face, but I could keep my glasses on and the roller coaster was definitely immersive! For $10 (and of course the cost of a reasonably recent smartphone of the right size able to download the VR apps) it was a pretty good way to dip a toe in the VR world without a big investment.

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Jury duty

Had to call in this week each day, and yesterday my group number was called in, so got to make the drive downtown in the wee hours and find parking and navigate the city-county building (I've been there several times before for work, but it's always a bit of a stressful adventure!)

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Chinese translation!

Dinofelis on Ao3 asked a few weeks ago if they could translate "Impressionable" into Chinese, and they posted it today! Impressionable translated into Chinese Hee!

Just for fun, I hit "translate page" in the Chrome browser - as expected with auto translation (not to mention a translation of a translation), a bit mangled, but the overall gist is understandable, and it came up with delightful sentences like "How can the great leader repair this riddled world?" The Protectbots become the "Machine Guards", Ironhide is "Tin", Wheeljack and Hoist are "jack" and "trolley", Sentinel Prime is "Royal Predator" or "Imperial Enemy" and Starscream is "underaged spider" XD

Reverse translation of 'Impressionable' from ChineseCollapse )

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