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[sticky post] Master fic list

Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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More fishnanigans

Decided to name newfish Legolas, since he's a lovely fairy-fish with long flowy blond fins. So of course I had to also get an African dwarf frog and name him Gimli. As you can see it was love at first sight:

Redfish is also feeling the romanceCollapse )



Decided I could afford to set up a third betta tank last week (because what I definitely need is more animals, lol) and acquired this lovely fellow - I couldn't resist his goth lipstick ^^

More feesh picturesCollapse )



Since I haven't been in writing headspace for awhile, decided to sit down and finally organize all my stuff in Scrivener! I've had the program for a couple years now, and have played around with it for parts of Project Reset and Still Waters, but never really put it to work. So! Starting with Protectobot Beginningsverse - ALL THE THINGS! So far I've gotten everything in here but the older snippets on LJ and snippet/fic ideas. Protectobot Beginningsverse is so big and sprawling it took 4 screenshots to get it all in, lol! Test posting just the first one, to see if it's actually legible or not, and then I'll add the other three if it is. Edit: ok, pretty teeny, but I think it gets the gist

Chapters and parts. Lots and lots of chapters and parts.Collapse )

Star Wars!

Behold, I have seen it, and can now read everyone else's spoilery postings! \o/ Star Wars has a special place in my heart - it was the first movie I ever saw in a theater, with my dad, who we would lose to cancer the next year. I was 5 years old at the time, and I remember the garbage compactor scene was what made a big impression on me, that and the movie theater had these nifty black-and-white checkerboard tile floors. I always get a pang when something nerdy and wonderful like this comes out - Dad would have really loved this movie.

Actually saw it last Sunday, but between work and second round of the cold from Thanksgiving I've been too wiped out to squee, or really do much of anything. Finally getting some energy back, though, thank goodness! - yesterday was clean critters and house and washed blankets and sheets and the old sleeping bags covering my bedroom floor that were covered with cat hair and kitty litter Skeleton Kitty had tracked all over the place. She's doing great - even let her out to roam around with the other three, just as an experiment. Pretty much non-stop hissing and growling from SK, Bones disappeared into the basement, and Toast and Gan just watched from a distance with very wide eyes, lol. After about 15 minutes, SK was happy to go back to her own private space.

Star Wars squee, spoilers, spoilers possible in commentsCollapse )

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Kitties have been enjoying the boxes and wrapping paper - cut a couple holes in this bigger box and it's become a favorite hidey hole/ambush-and-chase spot.

Wrapping paper is super comfyCollapse )


Happy Winter Solstice

Sleep well this longest night, my dears (or stay up to the wee hours in revelry or contemplation or stargazing or surfing the 'nets, or enjoying the sunshine if you're on a different side of the planet.) Miss Bones reccomends cuddling up to a nice brick, they're ever so comfortable.

Dec. 18th, 2015

I found a little snowsuit for niecelet for Christmas - I was hoping for something like a mini-arctic expedition/baby steampunk style, but all I could find was plain pale pink. It'll do, though! Simple one-piece stick the kid in and zip up - nifty little mitten flaps for hands so gloves can't be lost. Also a pack of baby Star Wars socks and some tiny fleece pants that were on sale and are just so adorable I can't even stand it! Of course, the way things are trending, not sure if we'll see much if any snow this winter - supposed to be in the 50's around here on Christmas; hopefully she'll get a day or two use out of the snowsuit, lol.

Niecelet accomplishments unlocked: walking, putting on of hats, putting on mom and dad's shoes and tromping around in them (or attempting to do so - dad's boots are too heavy and she can pretty much sit in them), high-pitched ear-piercing screeching, locating of belly button, making of kitty sound, doggie sound, still baffled by pig snorting, but she watches my face and makes the mouth movements and it's the funniest thing ever.

Rented Jupiter Ascending from the Redbox thingy last week - enjoyed very much! probably not too spoilery but cut just in caseCollapse )

Haven't seen Star Wars yet, but have heard from several folks that have seen it that it's a winner, so yay!

This was on tumblr awhile back and I saved it as reference for my "Lost in Space-Time Protectobots" headcanon - they end up drifting in deep space for a long time, maybe vorns, and get pretty creative to pass time and keep from going bonkers while they're separated from First Aid, including making up songs that include a complicated choreography of tapping on one another's armor. I'd imagine Cybertronian armor would be deeper and maybe not so...whatever the word is...tonal? More thunky, since the armor's attached to lot's of other stuff. But anyway, this would be the general idea:


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Skeleton kitty update

Well, not the news I was hoping for with skeleton kitty. Took her to the vet again last week for more tests, as she just didn't seem to be improving like I thought she should be - had gained a pound and a half (up from 6 pounds on her first visit a month earlier) but was still super skinny. Blood tests showed she's in kidney failure, which, unfortunately, is not something that tends to get better, although some cats can live months or years with the condition.

She seems happy if a little low energy, and isn't in pain from that condition, although she seems to have something going on with her back legs - vet suspected old fractures, although kitty is SUPER uncooperative, had to be wrapped up like a burrito for any sort of exam (and by the fight she put up this is not a kitty on her last gasp by any means!). Decided not to put her through stress of X-rays. She doesn't like having her back half messed with, but as far as I can tell it's not causing her undue distress.

So, adoption by anyone is unlikely, athough a few of my Facebook peeps (and mom, who is the softest softy there ever was) sent donations to help cover expenses, which was utterly sweet of them and very much appreciated. She seems content living in my bedroom for now, just planning to provide supportive care and diet and see how she does, and try to make the best decisions based on her quality of life. She stopped eating for a few days, possibly because of the antibiotics the vet put her on? But now that she's been off them her appetite has been gradually picking back up, and she's loud-mouthed and purry and demanding as ever.


Toast Quest

Big Bee has been teaching Little Bee how to be a good scout. Today they went on a quest to find some toast:

Alas, I had no bread in the houseCollapse )


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