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Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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Turtle power!

The local turtle rehabber is on vacation, so in the last few weeks I've suddenly acquired several turtle rescues!  Check 'em out:
Two box turtles that were left in an outdoor pen behind by a homeowner who moved away.  The new owner didn't discover them until she cleared some bushes and found them in a chicken wire cage, no water, who knows how long they had been there.  She'd been taking care of them for a few weeks and doing a good job of it, too - they were both in pretty good shape when she got them to me.  It's illegal to keep box turtles or collect them from the wild in Indiana, but I have some on educational permits and these gals (and all the other turtles) are on my rehab permit right now.  Will have to check and see if they can go back into the wild (since they have a homing instinct, it's tricky to release them if you don't know where they originally came from) or if they'll have to stay in captivity.

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First Line meme from tumblr

Copying this here so I can keep track of it - was fun to go poking back through my writings.  It's been so long since I've had time I actually completely forgot I'd written some of them, like the Happy Prime one - was fun to re-read now that we're in the midst of daycamp season again at work :D   And as sister-dear noted, my first lines dive right into the characters.  Which makes sense, lol.  Setting? What setting. Um, ship, base, whatever *vague handwave*

Tagged by @sister-dear

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

The rest of his gestaltmates cried out in protest and alarm as Fireflight ran himself headlong into the energon bars of his cell.  (Potential)

“Ok,” Ratchet said shortly. “You’re clear. Now go.” Silverbolt slid gratefully off the berth, sending a reminder to the rest of his gestaltmates to hurry up and not keep Ratchet waiting; the CMO was not in any sort of forgiving mood. (Little Buddy Bonus Chapter 2)

Even walking the short distance from the makeshift medbay had exhausted them. Wheeljack waited, shifting Streetwise so he was more comfortably arranged over his shoulder, while Groove, Hot Spot, and Blades made their slow way to the door to the Aerialbot quarters.  (Shield Bonus Chapter 1.5)

From: bigrig12357@gmail.com
To: naturelady@yourcityparks.org

Subject: Summer Daycamp Inquiry

Greetings, NatureLady. My name is Optimus Prime.
(Happy Prime)

Moar first lines lurk here. Just lurking, being introductory and stuff.Collapse )


Pokemons! I have all the Pokemons!

For "research purposes" I downloaded Pokemon Go, since my park was getting a lot of folks wandering around looking at their cell phones and I need to stay in touch with what the visitors are up to. Turns out one of our buildings is a Pokemon Stop and another one's a Gym, and we've got Pokemon all over the place! Quite fun! I'm finally starting to get the hang of catching the little boogers - discreetly caught three while waiting for my dentist appointment this morning and four at the grocery. The nearby neighborhood park is a Pokemon Stop, so swung by to stock up on Pokeballs (and got two eggs! Which you have to walk to hatch. Apparently mowing the front lawn is only 0.1 of the 5km required, hmph, not sure if it's tracking that correctly) and also caught several lovely summer wildflowers in bloom and amazed a guy in the nearby fitness center parking lot by identifying a red-tailed hawk (a real one, not a Pokemon one) sitting on a light pole. "You just knew what it was just like that! That's amazing!" I didn't tell him it's kind of my job to know what they are just like that, lol.

My naturalist buddies have all been discussing the phenomenon, and how it's definitely getting people outside but maybe not so much looking around, and this primal human delight in classifying and naming all these critters and wouldn't it be cool if we could harness the current enthusiasm to also learning and naming the actual plants and animals in our parks (and also incorporate the correct meaning of "evolve" somehow...).

So, I am at level 4 (at level 5 apparently you can go to the Gyms and fight your Pokemon which...doesn't really appeal to me at all), I have 1850/4000 XP, I've collected 25 out of 250 Pokemon, including a Rattata with Hyper Fang 35 and 2300 Stardust and 15 Rattata Candy, and a normal Tackle of 12. Also the Hyper Fang is normal, so that's...good (so my Rattata won't need braces??) and my other three Rattata's have different CP's despite also being Rattatas. No idea what any of this means XD

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Ad blocker

Normally I don't really mind the ads on tumblr, but the tiny video of Donald Trump on the side of my screen was bugging me so I fixed it.


Garden visitor this evening

Yellow swallowtail on purple coneflower


Lightning and lightning bugs

My backyard is sheer magic right now - it's peak lightning bug season anyway, but a big thunderstorm just passed through with another one coming in from the distance, and they're taking advantage of the break to blink their little lights off, double time, while the rain drips from the trees and the sky echoes with big flashes and distant thunder. Photos can't catch it at all, but it's like being inside a quiet sparkling firework that never ends. Day six of a seven-day work week, whoosh. I just might make it!

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Meme from tumblr

Busy week coming up - I'm hoping I can get a substitute to teach the field trip and swing Tuesday off, because otherwise I'll be working a 14 day stretch with no day off in there, and Thursday and Friday are both 12-hour days. Gotta mow the grass in there somehow!

Have a meme from tumblr, with bonus pee dream! :D

Birthday: September

Gender: Amphibian. Probably some sort of salamander, although I also lean towards “gray treefrog”

Siblings: One “little” brother, who outgrew me by the time I was six and he was four. He’s a sweet, funny, weird, creative guy, and I love him muchly (I actually would declare to everyone that I hated him until I turned eight, and then I decided he wasn’t so bad).

Favorite Color(s): today, the glossy walnut-brown fur of a baby raccoon.

Pets: hahahahahahaha! Um. Cats (3) Bunny (1) Fish (3) Frogs (2) Not!Pets: Baby Opossums (18) Baby Raccoons (5) Baby squirrels (1) Smallish snapping turtle with minor shell injury (1)

Wake up time: my alarm is set for 6:50am, but I generally wake up between 4am and 5am no matter what time I go to bed, so I listen to a video or book narration on my Kindle and attempt to doze a little until my alarm goes off. Right now because of all the baby feedings in the morning, I go ahead and get up at 6am.

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Iced tea

Cats or Dogs: Dogs are my inhale, cats are my exhale, both equally necessary. One day I hope to be in a position to get another dog, but right now poor pup would be alone most of the week.

Coke or Pepsi: Diet Coke, although Diet Pepsi is acceptable.

Day or Night: I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night and all that, but I think I’ll have to say day here. More flowers and bugs and gardening in the day, plus right now night means mosquitoes.

Met a celebrity: I once shook the hand of a mayor. It was very limp, squashy handshake, too, erg.

Smile or Eyes: Eyes ARE smiles. However, smiles aren’t eyes, generally. That would be kinda cool though! Like a snake, only instead of smelling with your tongue you would see with your teeth.

Shorter or Taller: Taller for when I need help at the grocery store reaching stuff on the high shelves. Shorter for dancing, so I’m not spending the whole time staring at a belly or chest or getting a crick in my neck looking up to make conversation.

Chapstick or Lipstick: My lips are generally nekkid. If they get really chapped I put a little Crisco or honey on them.

City or Country: I’d say country, but I like not having to drive an hour to get to the grocery, and “country” where I am means enormous swaths of corn and soybeans and who knows what being sprayed everywhere. So probably what I mean is wooded suburbs with a little creek running through and some nice huge trees and small quirky non-pretentious houses close enough to each other to be friendly, far enough away that I don’t have to talk to anyone if I don’t want to.

Bonus: I had a dream a few nights ago that I really had to pee, but I couldn’t for some reason, and I knew I was going on a long hike and was going to be miserable if I couldn’t pee, so I thought, “maybe if I try a bucket” I’ll be able to pee. And I found a bucket and at last! I could pee! Sweet relief! And then I woke up and I really really had to pee. I had not peed in the bed, despite peeing in my dream. And that was my pee dream. You’re welcome.

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Whew, some long days this week - just coming up for air here! One of the higher up managers is watching the nature center today so I can have a day off; she was super nervous about handling weird nature center stuff - this week we've had people show up with every thing from a baby coyote to a snapping turtle hit by a car to a gentleman recovering from brain trauma and injuries determined to do a 2 mile hike around the lake against the advice of his wife who...just left him and went hiking on her own? And then reported him missing right at closing time, so we called for back up and I hiked one way and the other naturalist hiked the other way around the trail and ended up finding him before the police arrived - still hiking, he'd made it all the way around the lake on his own. So anyway! Stuff like that, just a normal day at the park. I'm sure she'll be just fine...>_>

Today's plan:
Shower - it's been a few days, nice that I'm not as oily as I was even five years ago, wouldn't have been able to get away with this then, but still. There are limits.
Mow grass - if you don't hear from me for a few days it's because I'm lost in my lawn-jungle
Feed and clean all the babies - four raccoons now. They're traps! Adorable adorable traps!
Figure out how hit-by-car snapping turtle is doing and get her set up. Luckily she's a smallish one still, shell is cracked slightly but doesn't seem too badly damaged, and she's scritching around in the tub trying to get out so that's a good sign. Snappers are tough!
Transplant milkweed seedlings into pots for the garden tour at the park next week
Set up baby red squirrel in outdoor enclosure - finally caught him; he's been at large in my bedroom for a week (stuck him in a nice big crate. A little too big - he must have squeezed out through the holes in the wire door somehow!)
Figure out what's going on with my credit card - got a fraud alert text from the bank at 6am this morning. No, I haven't purchased anything from Spotify this morning, and there were two more charges also from early this morning I didn't recognize, one for $92 for some sort of "electronic services." They put a hold on my card UPDATE: just got off the phone with the card company, and yep, 15 more transactions attempted, all this morning. They've cancelled that card and are sending me a new one, and I'm not liable for the charges today. Good catch credit card company! Sheesh.

Here, have a meme from tumblr:

WIP Game Rules: Go to page 7 of your WIP, count down 7 lines, share 7 sentences

Cheating a little bit here because I don’t even have seven complete pages of WIP, just a bunch of scattered, fragmented bits, but here’s a fairly coherent section:

First Aid straightened long before Ratchet judged him recovered and began making his way down the corridor, staggering somewhat. He was wavering between tranquilizers or throwing Aid over his shoulder and just hauling him to wherever he was so determined to go, when a shining yellow figure appeared suddenly at the adjoining corridor, not even breaking stride as he scooped First Aid up with ease. First Aid slumped gratefully over the broad yellow shoulder as Ratchet gave the red twin who’d been following close behind an incredulous glance.

“Someone’s outside and we have to save them?” Sideswipe asked Ratchet cheerfully.

Ratchet’s expression went from incredulous to jaw-drop. “Not you too?” Dear Primus, it was an epidemic.

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Batch of three babies and then six more from another rehabber who had to go on a monthlong trip out of state - three of them escaped before I could get them in a house with a lid. Have rounded up two; one is still at large somewhere in the living room.
But wait, there"s more! For a limited time only get more opossums with your opossums!Collapse )


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