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Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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Batch of three babies and then six more from another rehabber who had to go on a monthlong trip out of state - three of them escaped before I could get them in a house with a lid. Have rounded up two; one is still at large somewhere in the living room.
But wait, there"s more! For a limited time only get more opossums with your opossums!Collapse )

Pic dump

My bluebird box had four species of birds fighting over it this spring: bluebirds, house sparrows, chickadees, and Carolina wrens. The chickadees won (I put up a couple more nest boxes - bluebird family has already moved in.)

Spring babies and plants, oh yes, and also one dog vomit slime moldCollapse )

Recharge nap

I tried tucking in the Protectobots for a nap but Hot Spot in particular wasn't happy about it.

Must. Not. SLEEP.

My houseguest tonight

Very sweet, very tame domestic duck someone left at the park today. Seems to be imprinted and thinks it's a people - it practically walked into my arms and makes anxious baby duck sounds if I walk out of sight. Hopefully I can find it a new home soon - ducks don't make the best housepets, lol

Alas, poor Miss Bones

We had a cold snap last week, so I brought several trays of plant seedlings and put them on a tarp in the living room. Once I moved the plants back outside, I noticed Miss Bones using the tarp to pee on, and when I wiped it up the urine was full of blood - not good! No other symptoms or signs anything was wrong, she'd been playing and galumphing around the living room and bossing Toast around as normal all day.

So off to the vet we went yesterday - Bonesy very cooperatively peed all over the exam table when they felt her bladder, so they were able to test, and it looks like she's got urinary crystals. She's supposed to go on a prescription diet for life and antibiotics for the next several days. Of course, she doesn't seem to realize the prescription food is...food. Just stares at it and then back at me, waiting for me to bring out the REAL food. I got both the dry and wet versions, and at least the wet version got a sniff, but then she tried to cover it up like she would a poop. Antibiotics are not going over well either - she was already mistrustful of me after I nabbed her and stuck her in a crate to go to the vet, and after getting her first dose of antibiotics she now hides under the couch any time I try to get close to her, haven't managed to get a dose in her tonight. I'll probably see if I can find a nice gooshy food she will eat, and then try mixing the antibiotics with that - transitioning to the prescription diet might have to wait a bit. And she just slunk past me and made a run for the basement, awww, poor kiddo. I feel like a big ol' meanie, I do.

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Finally got a good picture - he's gotten so much better at swimming!

In completely unrelated news, had a perfectly accurate dream this morning about my alarm going off, and I woke up and sat there in bed for awhile, and then checked the time. One hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. Very confusing, thanks brain XD


Amazing windy day today! Gusts of 60 mph, steady gales of 30 mph or so. I think an F1 tornado starts at 75mph or something like that. I was at work, and a big tree came down and blocked the driveway to my nature center, so I had about 20 people trapped in the parking lot for half an hour, until maintenance got there with a chainsaw. Luckily no one at the park got hurt or got their car squashed! It's kind of scary to see 80-year-old oak tree trunks swaying around - those big trees generally don't move.

Staff baby #1 arrived two weeks early (healthy and adorable, mom and baby doing great :D), which is why I was working today. And staff took a new job, which means he won't be coming back from paternity leave when staff baby #2 arrives in mid-May, which is how we were originally planning things. Hopefully we'll get his position filled by then, but going by past experience in how long these things take, I'm not counting on it. Also, staff at our partner nature center who was going to help out took a new job too that starts next week (trail guide in Wyoming, can't pass that up!), so now they're rather desperately short-staffed as well going into the busiest season of the year. Might be an interesting spring! Somehow it always works out. What's the worst that could happen? Everything's gonna be fiiiiiine *is totally not hyperventilating*

In sadder news, Redfish finally died a couple weeks ago, and was incorporated into my spring wildflower garden. I cleaned out the tank and let it percolate a few days, and got a new betta - another red boy. They didn't have simple veil tails, so he's got a little more floof to his fins, so much so that I think he has trouble swimming, although part of it might be he just didn't know how, after living in a bitty bowl for so long. Spent the first week hanging out in the floating log 90% of the time, but in the last few days he's been venturing out and exploring a little more, seems to be getting better at navigating. I think Legolas-fish took awhile to get the hang of things too.


All Hail Spring!

Nice line of thunderstorms rolled through this evening, including a brief but enthusiastic hail storm. Also a few power flickers - internet's been a little glithchy with the modem resetting, but seems to be all back to normal now.


Happy Bloodroot Day!

Bloodroot only blooms for a few days, so gotta enjoy them while you can! The leaves are pretty, too, once the flowers are gone.

These are the new hiking shoes, take two. After trying to make the new pair of Keens work, I finally had to concede, they just weren't comfortable. I was bummed, since my previous Keen hiking shoes had been perfect, but they'd discontinued the style (Boyce). This style (Voyageur) kept pinching the tops of my feet, and even though my feet were feeling better with the new cushioning footbed, they were driving me nuts otherwise. So crossing my fingers I shipped them back for return (accepted, yay!) and made the trek to a physical store to see if I could find any good hiking shoes in stock in my size (small-footed women apparently aren't expected to do a lot of hiking, or wear waders or rubber boots, usually I have to resort to online, or sometimes I can find in boys sizes).

Selection in my size was slim pickings, as usual, but lo and behold I found the same style of Keen Voyageurs, in a half size smaller than the pair I'd returned, and when I tried them on they were perfect! In the Boyce I wore a 6.5, but this style must run larger. And they were the display model so they were on sale! Not the brown/pale blue color combo I really preferred, but the olive gray/lime green is nice too. I've been wearing them all day and my toes are happy - so much wiggle room! The sole isn't bending and pinching me anymore! My arches are completely chillaxed! I may just wear them to bed.



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