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Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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Rocks rock!

I'm doing an Intro to Geology program for 60 third graders tomorrow. Interesting thing is, I never actually took geology - just absorbed a fair bit over the years, but as far as actual organized study...not so much! Our naturalist who usually taught all of the (rarely requested - we mostly focus on plants and wildlife) geology classes took a new job, so I've spent the weekend brushing up. Doesn't exactly help that a lot of the rock samples and props for the program are not labeled - is it a shale or a slate? Granite or gneiss? *stares a big pile of rocks* *pokes doubtfully* We've got a lot of cool fossils, though, so if all else fails I'll pull out the coprolites, lol. Have been re-reading mmouse's awesome and delightful Beachcomber/Perceptor geology pun fics I Bless the Rains and Igneous is Bliss in preparation - wish me luck! :D

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Happy Birthday to me! :D I'm hoping 45 is easier to remember - I had a heck of a time remembering that I was 44 all year, and 43 was even worse.

Busy day today, with three programs at work and then a sick groundhog got dropped off, but boss and co-workers still managed to squeeze in cake - they're so awesome ^_^ Mom made me a cake on Labor Day, when I had the day off. She was watching niecelet, so we hung out and played and then went to Goodwill, where I got five pairs of pants for work (three of which, by some miracle, are the right length and don't need to have the cuffs rolled up, score!) Niecelet got a duck pillow and some small buckets and a cute little watering can, and I got a hairy Halloween spider for me, but it may end up being a present for niecelet in a few weeks for her 2nd birthday, because she kept trying to run off with it, lol.

Spent most of the rest of this evening getting sick groundhog set up - she walks in circles and loses her balance and falls over, pretty skinny, a bit of the runs, not sure what's up with her. She's eating great, which is a good sign. Has some ticks, so I just spent a bunch of $ to get the fancy topical stuff to treat those, since she's not cooperative enough/I'm not brave enough to pick them off by hand - groundhogs can be tough customers! She's all zonked out now in her crate, looking very cute.

Two raccoon babies are getting bigger and doing better - they may or may not have ringworm (lesions and losing hair on feet and ears, vet didn't mention ringworm as a possibility and gave antibiotics to treat, but another rehabber raised the possibility on our Facebook group. Not sure if ringworm's that...symmetrical though?) I've been trying to get another rehabber to take them, but...crickets. No one wants the chance of ringworm, the cowards! XD

Oh yes, and my other birthday present from mom - a new garage door opener, since my original one gave out and wasn't worthwhile to repair since it was 13 years old. A very substantial present - garage door openers aren't cheap! But garage is now all neat and organized, nice new bright lighting, and nice to have an opener that works without pressing the button six times - have been nursing the old one along for nearly a year.

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Just when you think it's safe to pack up the baby bottles for the year...

Two tiny, very skinny late-season babies, obviously had been without mom for several days. Raccoon babies are slower to mature than puppies or kittens - these two are still nursing and have no idea what to do with solid food.

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Homework and World's Cutest Niecelet

I watched the first several episodes of the original 90's Pokémon cartoon on Netflix today - studying up for a nature program we're doing next Saturday, comparing actual animals in the park with Pokémon critters, so totally work research, lol. Fun to watch, and parts of it are familiar now that I see it, probably caught some of it when it first came out. It's been very helpful - apparently I've been pronouncing "Rattata" all wrong, it's more Tuh-may-toe than Toe-mah-toe. Still, I also find parts of it a little disturbing, as they catch these poor critters and keep them in little balls and then these fairly sentient-seeming beings are enslaved and forced to fight each other to the point of debilitating damage, hrm. I keep reminding myself these are alienish beasties, and they turn to energy-forms in the Pokeballs so presumably they're comfy and not squashed in there, and they seem to enjoy the battles? Some of them? More like a partnership with their trainers? Hrrm...

In other news, niecelet was playing with a cupcake pan and measuring spoons, and scooping water out from the one cupcake mold I'd filled with a teeny amount of water and drinking it, and I asked if it was delicious water, and she went around the rest of the night offering everyone sips of "delicious water" - quite a mouthful for a not-quite-two-year-old, but she pronounces it very clearly, super hilarious and adorable.

Not so clear was what she wanted when she kept leading me into the bathroom and asking for a "hammer" and pointing to the sink area. She also pointed to the Neosporin on the sink, so I dabbed it on an old scrape on her knee, but she still wanted the "hammer" - but not her little plastic musical toy hammer. Her dad texted me the answer to the mystery later: they have a set of Band Aids shaped like food, and she wanted a "hamburger" Band Aid for her knee. Of course! XD

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Moon and planets

Phone camera shot of the moon last night just before all the clouds rolled in - just to the lower right of the moon is a very faint triangle of Saturn (on top of the triangle) Mars (brightest one on the right) and Antares in the constellation Scorpio (lower left)

In unrelated news Mom and I rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness, and now I keep imagining Ratchet being a big fan of McCoy, and quoting him all the time: "dammit Prime, I'm a doctor not a lawn mower"


Time for the annual Perseid meteor shower program - the peak was actually early this morning, but I scheduled my park program for Friday night since I don't get many people if it's on a weekday, and usually there's still plenty of action the day before and after. This year, though, the weather's looking like it might be a bust - heavy cloud cover right now, maybe some rain later. I'm hoping it might break up a little bit, get at least some clear time tonight. I usually still get people showing up even if it's too cloudy to see anything, and it's sometimes hard to explain that there's not anything I can do about it, the program is cancelled, they won't see any meteors. My favorite is still when I get asked to reschedule lunar eclipses to more convenient days... XD Why yes, I'll get right on that, let me just rearrange some orbits here *utilizes ultimate cosmic powers*

In other news, I have staff! Awesome person #1 is back from maternity leave, and we hired an awesome person #2 who just started last week - starting a new person means my workload temporarily triples as I have to set up logins and keys and uniforms and desk and make sure she's going to get paid and train her and show her ALL THE THINGS. So many things. So I've been a little scarce online. Tomorrow though I have my first Saturday off since May - whoo hoo!!! Which is a very good thing as I wasn't looking forward to potentially staying up all night for the meteor shower and then opening up the building at 9am the next morning - even if I end up cancelling I still probably won't get home until midnight.

Ok, critters and wildlife are all fed, snack bag is packed (you get hungry, I've found, hanging out watching the sky all night), bug spray, check. I'm off!

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Turtle power!

The local turtle rehabber is on vacation, so in the last few weeks I've suddenly acquired several turtle rescues!  Check 'em out:
Two box turtles that were left in an outdoor pen behind by a homeowner who moved away.  The new owner didn't discover them until she cleared some bushes and found them in a chicken wire cage, no water, who knows how long they had been there.  She'd been taking care of them for a few weeks and doing a good job of it, too - they were both in pretty good shape when she got them to me.  It's illegal to keep box turtles or collect them from the wild in Indiana, but I have some on educational permits and these gals (and all the other turtles) are on my rehab permit right now.  Will have to check and see if they can go back into the wild (since they have a homing instinct, it's tricky to release them if you don't know where they originally came from) or if they'll have to stay in captivity.

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First Line meme from tumblr

Copying this here so I can keep track of it - was fun to go poking back through my writings.  It's been so long since I've had time I actually completely forgot I'd written some of them, like the Happy Prime one - was fun to re-read now that we're in the midst of daycamp season again at work :D   And as sister-dear noted, my first lines dive right into the characters.  Which makes sense, lol.  Setting? What setting. Um, ship, base, whatever *vague handwave*

Tagged by @sister-dear

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

The rest of his gestaltmates cried out in protest and alarm as Fireflight ran himself headlong into the energon bars of his cell.  (Potential)

“Ok,” Ratchet said shortly. “You’re clear. Now go.” Silverbolt slid gratefully off the berth, sending a reminder to the rest of his gestaltmates to hurry up and not keep Ratchet waiting; the CMO was not in any sort of forgiving mood. (Little Buddy Bonus Chapter 2)

Even walking the short distance from the makeshift medbay had exhausted them. Wheeljack waited, shifting Streetwise so he was more comfortably arranged over his shoulder, while Groove, Hot Spot, and Blades made their slow way to the door to the Aerialbot quarters.  (Shield Bonus Chapter 1.5)

From: bigrig12357@gmail.com
To: naturelady@yourcityparks.org

Subject: Summer Daycamp Inquiry

Greetings, NatureLady. My name is Optimus Prime.
(Happy Prime)

Moar first lines lurk here. Just lurking, being introductory and stuff.Collapse )


Pokemons! I have all the Pokemons!

For "research purposes" I downloaded Pokemon Go, since my park was getting a lot of folks wandering around looking at their cell phones and I need to stay in touch with what the visitors are up to. Turns out one of our buildings is a Pokemon Stop and another one's a Gym, and we've got Pokemon all over the place! Quite fun! I'm finally starting to get the hang of catching the little boogers - discreetly caught three while waiting for my dentist appointment this morning and four at the grocery. The nearby neighborhood park is a Pokemon Stop, so swung by to stock up on Pokeballs (and got two eggs! Which you have to walk to hatch. Apparently mowing the front lawn is only 0.1 of the 5km required, hmph, not sure if it's tracking that correctly) and also caught several lovely summer wildflowers in bloom and amazed a guy in the nearby fitness center parking lot by identifying a red-tailed hawk (a real one, not a Pokemon one) sitting on a light pole. "You just knew what it was just like that! That's amazing!" I didn't tell him it's kind of my job to know what they are just like that, lol.

My naturalist buddies have all been discussing the phenomenon, and how it's definitely getting people outside but maybe not so much looking around, and this primal human delight in classifying and naming all these critters and wouldn't it be cool if we could harness the current enthusiasm to also learning and naming the actual plants and animals in our parks (and also incorporate the correct meaning of "evolve" somehow...).

So, I am at level 4 (at level 5 apparently you can go to the Gyms and fight your Pokemon which...doesn't really appeal to me at all), I have 1850/4000 XP, I've collected 25 out of 250 Pokemon, including a Rattata with Hyper Fang 35 and 2300 Stardust and 15 Rattata Candy, and a normal Tackle of 12. Also the Hyper Fang is normal, so that's...good (so my Rattata won't need braces??) and my other three Rattata's have different CP's despite also being Rattatas. No idea what any of this means XD

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