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[sticky post] Master fic list

Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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Sunday Night Snippet

In lieu of vacuuming, or cleaning my bedroom, or other householdly duties yesterday, I wrote a thing! This takes place before Barricade "captures" First Aid, during his first winter with the hatchlings.

Project Resetverse - Winter on Earth is cold. Too cold for hatchlings. Barricade comes up with an organic solution.Collapse )

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Fic: Missing Piece

I wrote a thing! Dragged painfully from my brain, sentence by sentence over the last month, in between trying to be more politically active (which I find drains the creativity out of me like being covered with several worrisome, creativity-draining leeches - still trying to find a happy balance). Also, trying to flesh out six OCs, even if just a little, is hard! Soooooo rusty, but hopefully it makes sense - Happy almost New Year :)

Title: Missing Piece
Universe: Project Reset, Librariobots
Rating: K
Characters: Quig (OC), Librariobots (OCs), Optimus Prime, Prowl, Streetwise, hatchling Jazz
Summary: Optimus was told he was an orphan, the only survivor of his clutch. Many vorns later, he learns he was told wrong.
Word Count: 3858

Ao3 link to Librariobot Beginnings if you need a refresher on the backstory

Optimus put a hand to his chest involuntarily as his spark gave a strange happy surge.Collapse )

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Christmas is for kitties

Mom's rescue kitty is doing great! She's just got some nasal/sinus stuff going on, which makes her breathe really loud at times, but other than that she checked out healthy.  She spent yesterday hiding under the couch when all the relatives were there, but today came out and said hi - it was just four of us and niecelet, so much quieter.  Except for niecelet, of course, but kitty was less scared of niecelet than she was of me - a few times she hissed when I tried to walk up to her, but if I can get her to trust me long enough to pet her she's all over it.  Nieclet crawled right under the table with her and got up in her face, and she seemed totally cool with that.

Everyone loves The Box but GandalfCollapse )

Rogue One!

I am pleased to report that Rogue One did not suck, imo! Enjoyed quite a bit, would go see again. I went in to the movie with only the vaguest idea of what it was about, and was glad I did, but just a heads up without getting too spoilery, it's definitely more gritty grimdark than your average Star Wars movie. Not my favorite thing, generally, but for this story, it worked.

Cut for major spoilers!!!!!!!Collapse )

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The family cat population increaseth

Brother and Sis-in-law acquired a stray cat a few weeks ago that had been hanging around with a broken front paw for some time - he finally got friendly enough they were able to nab him and bring him inside. Big white fellow, not neutered, no microchip, friendly once he wasn't living rough although he still won't let me pet him, and is getting along fine with their other two cats and niecelet. Paw turned out to be old healed damage with a new infection, so that's being treated now too. And then another stray showed up during the bitter single digit cold snap we had last week, so mom took this one in, bringing our grand family total to nine cats, three at each house!

This one's a real cuddle bug, super sweet, doesn't mind the dog or other cats or slightly unpredictable 2-year-olds. Looks almost exactly my mom's 16-year-old other cat except a bit more compact body and she doesn't have white whiskers. Mom said her breathing didn't sound good when they brought her in, and she was still a bit wheezy sounding when I was over there tonight - she's got a vet appointment on Monday to get that all checked out.

More snowglobes

Zebras for the niecelet (she has two stuffed zebras that she carries around, and she watches Zou all the time, a zebra cartoon. It must be British or something because she pronounces it "zeh bra" which is adorable). Totoro with umbrella and blue glitter rain for Sis-in-law, and dragon for brother :)

Well, they seem to be holding water

Snow globe project, represent! Gandalf inspects butterfly, bee, and frog snowglobes - he liked watching the glitter swirl around :)

How to convince glitter to sink and other tipsCollapse )

I'm doing a creative!!

It's not going as smoothly as I expected, lol, but I think I worked out most of the bugs. The hardest part has been getting the sticky label glue off of baby food jars and convincing glitter to sink instead of float (trying to make recycled baby food jar snow globes as holiday favors).
Three trips to the craft store and counting!

I am pleased to announce

I have accomplished nothing in the last two days other than signing up for a free 1-week Hulu trial and streaming the first two seasons of Steven Universe non-stop. There's really not anything else on Hulu I want to see - kind of disappointing actually; all that content and I'm just...meh. So I'll probably cancel after the trial. SU marathon has been such a lovely balm to my soul though - diversity and silliness, healthy relationships (as well as unhealthy ones portrayed as unhealthy), managing conflict, assumptions and stereotypes turned on their heads and jiggled until they giggle, how to mess up and not be perfect and still be ok, and just so much love and people trying to do better and it's like an instruction manual on how to human. Also booger jokes. <3

I've also been going to the library and reading newspapers. The news is not appreciably less horrifying in newspaper form, but somehow a little easier to cope when it's not in full color?

Also #2, sent a supportive card to my neighbors at the local mosque - and when I went to mail it the post office gave me Nativity scene stamps! Which I think would have been fine, but still, the irony! XD - I asked if they had some different ones and got "pick-up trucks from the olden days" instead. I couldn't find any Hallmark cards to cover the situation of "I stumbled across a terrifying Facebook post so full of ignorance and hatred regarding Muslims that I cried, please accept this feelingsdump, I hope you're doing ok," so I sent a humorous birthday card involving a snake trying to play a guitar with no arms.

Oh yes, and wrestled the cable company because my internet bill went up $16 all of the sudden. And cleaned bunny house and vacuumed and did laundry. Hrm. Ok, so I didn't quite achieve total a total veg out, but still, pretty good for me!

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