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Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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I am pleased to announce

I have accomplished nothing in the last two days other than signing up for a free 1-week Hulu trial and streaming the first two seasons of Steven Universe non-stop. There's really not anything else on Hulu I want to see - kind of disappointing actually; all that content and I'm just...meh. So I'll probably cancel after the trial. SU marathon has been such a lovely balm to my soul though - diversity and silliness, healthy relationships (as well as unhealthy ones portrayed as unhealthy), managing conflict, assumptions and stereotypes turned on their heads and jiggled until they giggle, how to mess up and not be perfect and still be ok, and just so much love and people trying to do better and it's like an instruction manual on how to human. Also booger jokes. <3

I've also been going to the library and reading newspapers. The news is not appreciably less horrifying in newspaper form, but somehow a little easier to cope when it's not in full color?

Also #2, sent a supportive card to my neighbors at the local mosque - and when I went to mail it the post office gave me Nativity scene stamps! Which I think would have been fine, but still, the irony! XD - I asked if they had some different ones and got "pick-up trucks from the olden days" instead. I couldn't find any Hallmark cards to cover the situation of "I stumbled across a terrifying Facebook post so full of ignorance and hatred regarding Muslims that I cried, please accept this feelingsdump, I hope you're doing ok," so I sent a humorous birthday card involving a snake trying to play a guitar with no arms.

Oh yes, and wrestled the cable company because my internet bill went up $16 all of the sudden. And cleaned bunny house and vacuumed and did laundry. Hrm. Ok, so I didn't quite achieve total a total veg out, but still, pretty good for me!

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Magical Beasts

Went to see "Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them" with mom last week - I found the first half to be a bit slow, but it got more interesting by the second half. We went to see in IMAX, which was painful especially through the previews and advertisements, because they were blasting the volume so loud - next time we'll save the $5 extra bucks and just see it in standard (neither mom nor I are big on eardrum-blasting experiences).

Saw a preview for the next Transformers, which was mostly clips from previous Transformers and Michael Bay bragging about the awesomeness of his IMAX film gizmo-never-before-seen stuff, and one short bit of dudes with swords on horseback, so I guess yes, they really mean knights and time travel? Ah well, it'll be interesting to see what happens with that - I suspect it'll be more of the usual, tiny glimmers of awesome amidst a bunch of dreck and noise and some equal bits of awfulness. More promising was the "Wonder Woman" preview -at one point Diana says "It is our sacred duty to defend the world, and that is what I am going to do" and I must confess, I got a little teary-eyed/inspired to fight all the injustice in the world WITH MY FLAMING SWORD OF WOMANHOOD ^^

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Best day ever!

Chapter 5 of tainry's Fall Challenge in my Project Resetverse is up, and omg best one of all! The tale of Unicron and Aid/Cade cosmic snuggles, hee! <3333333333


And then there was a birthday box on my doorstep! With many wondrous things in it, including tissue paper \o/ (Toast ate part of a starch packing peanut, too, but one seemed to be enough, lol).


Four of them, dumped at the park Friday, which meant the poor things were out all night in an epic storm followed by a temperature drop from the mid-70's to low 40's and below freezing windchills. All warm and cozy now, munching on pellets and hay and carrots and kale. Hopefully we'll be able to find a rescue, but everyone's so overloaded with bunnies right now I'm a little worried.

Two gray-splotched bunnies - very scared and shy. I couldn't get them to come out of the crate for a photo until I brought out the carrots
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Not as planned

Two staff out sick, so today ended up teaching all the field trip classes instead of getting my...anything done, then after work drove a raccoon (probably a dumped pet, although he could be acting tame due to his brain being addled from distemper, which can happen sometimes. He seems alert and healthy, so crossing fingers it's the former) to a wildlife rehabber who's going to quarantine and monitor him and, if he checks out healthy, stick him in with a few other dumped pet raccoons she's overwintering so he can learn to be wild. Arrived at her house in the middle of a pouring thunderstorm deluge-of-the-century, and then when I went back out to my car, it wouldn't start. Hrrm. Either something was wet or the battery. Called roadside assistance with my car insurance and then spent the next hour sitting on the rehabber's couch waiting for them while her six cats checked me out, lol. Roadside assistance finally arrived, car started within a few seconds of the jumper cables being attached, so made it home - hooray! Might have to go back in to work tomorrow if staff are still sick, so crossing fingers it was just the solid wall of water I was driving through that mucked things up, and that car will start tomorrow because ain't no one got time for this, lol

In other news, if you liked "The Martian" I highly recommend this fic: You Know You Have a Permanent Piece of My Medium-Sized American Heart

“Hey Hermes!” The ambient suspicion level in the Rec ratcheted up significantly. Kapoor was disturbingly cheerful. “We’ve sent you some mission updates in the data dump, but Mitch and I wanted to personally let you know—” Mitch visibly rolled his eyes in the background. “—That thanks to some…strong suggestions from the White House, and on Annie and Director Sanders’ recommendation, we’ve started releasing Watney’s Mars logs to the public.”

I laughed a lot, reading this - also, waff in the form of prescribed cuddle therapy for Watney to combat the trauma of all his involuntary alone time on Mars.

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By Grabthar's Hammer, what a mess

Lookin' around like Mark Watney stranded on Mars: I'm gonna have to science the shit out of this.


Looks like it's time for another Borealis re-read, for all the hope in it <3 I'm mostly just trying to hold on to gratitude this morning - mom left a message on my voicemail yesterday that she had "lost her memory" and if I could call her. I thought she meant her phone or computer or something. When I called back she said she couldn't remember part of the day or how she got home, she didn't know if she'd voted, she thought she'd fed my animals but wasn't sure, and asked if I was at home. Twice. O_o. Luckily my brother was home and lives five minutes away, and I called 911 from Texas while he drove over. (Did you know 911 in other states can't just transfer you to emergency dispatch in other states? They told me to call police non-emergency dispatch in Indy, which due to work I happily had memorized. Non-emergency then scolded me for not calling 911 if I thought my mom was having a stroke >_>)

Long story short, everything checked out fine at the emergency room, CT scan showed no sign of stroke, and mom sounded pretty much back to normal when I talked to her again. Most of her memory has come back, but she's missing some time - she was breaking up a pile of branches in my driveway to bundle up, and then nothing. Docs think it was probably transient global amnesia, which can be brought on by stress and overwork (like, hey, the election maybe? And breaking and sawing up branches is hard work, too). She's making an appointment with a neurologist, but usually it's a one time thing, no additional risk for stroke or dementia if that's what it was. I'm still sort of vibrating from shock, because she's so active and healthy and sharp, but cautiously starting to relax. That day will come, but not today, it's starting to look like.

Pull out all the big guns of self care today, my loves, and love and hug and baby animals and silly glorious and/or smutty fanfic and whatever else gives you joy. I'm in a good place here at my conference - the keynote speaker was all about the importance of teaching critical thinking skills and interpreting science in a way people understand, so they can make the best possible decisions. On the faces around me I see a lot of core deep determination - our jobs and our pupose are doubly important now. The ocean is deep, the stars are close enough to forever for everyday purposes, and I'm sitting here looking out across our deep beautiful ocean, with hermit crabs!! Check this little doober out, just chillin and watching the waves like I was. It's a beautiful world.

Off to Texas!

Whirlwind of big events and programs this week, and tomorrow I head off to Texas for a weeklong conference - whoosh! *flops* I...think I'm mostly ready? Today I set up groundhog and two baby opossums at work, need to write down care instructions for staff in the morning. I set up everything for mom so she can take care of the two raccoons, two opossums in the basement, three cats, bunny rabbit, and fish still at home, and she came over Thursday so I could show her everything. Packed my three non-stained, no holes in the knees outfits, looked up the weather (rainjacket possibly will come in handy, 70's and 80's, which, since it's been in the upper 60's all week in Indiana, isn't too big of a switch, actually. I did pack shorts, sandals, a hat, and sunscreen).

I haven't flown on a commercial flight for at least ten years (hard to get away with the wildlife!), any tips? I'm not planning on carrying on any liquids or my Swiss Army knife, or anything like that ^_~

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Happy Halloween!

Unseasonably warm weather where I am - the trick-or-treaters have been steady! Probably 35 or 40 so far.

In other news we got five baby axolotls today at work - only about an inch long and the most adorable things ever!

There are three different color varieties here - brown wild type, white with dark eyes, and white with white eyes (not red like traditional albino - I need to look up what's up with that).


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