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Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.

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Daily cuteness dose

Added one more raccoon to the collection - this little doober and his brother arrived nearly dead last week, cold and emaciated, covered with fleas - brother didn't survive the first night, and I had given this one up for lost as well. Didn't take him to work with me because I decided it would be better to let him expire in peace rather than subject him to the stress of car rides and hauling in and out of a noisy nature center, but...when I got home, he was still alive. So kept giving him bits of fluids and then formula, and he kept getting stronger. Now he's doing great! He's a little dinky fellow - my other two that are about the same age are nearly two pounds, and he was half a pound when he arrived, closing in on a pound now. Waiting until he's a little bit stronger and will try putting all three boys together, see how they do :)

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May. 16th, 2015

So after I got those expensive but nifty non-pierced hoop earring thingies, I found essentially the same thing on Etsy for...$2. *facepalm* These are thinner, which I actually like better for my smaller earrings, and the Lisadora ones still work better for the chunkier earrings, so not sorry I have them. They come in a few sizes, but the 25mm were the equivalent of the 1-inch Lisadora ones that are big enough to go over your whole earlobe.

Hoop earring silver-plated brass 25mm

Hoop earring gold-plated brass 25mm

In other news, I have baby bluebirds in my bluebird nest box! Eastern Bluebirds in the US have declined due to lack of nesting cavities (they used to nest in old wooden fence posts along farm fields, but modern farming isn't so much for the weedy fence rows) and the more aggressive introduced House Sparrows and Starlings that take over any nest cavities that remain. Last year Carolina Wrens nested in my nest box, which was cool, too, but this year I noticed a pair of bluebirds checking it out and fighting off a set of house sparrows that were also interested. And it looked like they won! They were very active around the box for a few days, and then I realized I hadn't seen them for several weeks and figured they must have moved on. When I went to clean out the nest box to see if someone else would move in, I felt something warm and soft and....FOUR BABY BLUEBIRDS! :DDDDD


Mom and dad have been incredibly stealthy, and the babies haven't made a peep that I've heard. I'm used to the noisy sparrow and starling babies, and the robin parents that attack when you get too close to the nest, but apparently bluebirds rely on the ninja stealth tactics to avoid drawing attention to the nest. I watched from the kitchen window for several minutes and finally saw mom pop in with a snack for the kids and then dart off again. My neighbors haven't been back since the weird stuff this winter, and their yard is now over a foot tall grass, which is frowned on in general, and abandoned-looking houses and yards can attract crime and other weird stuff, but on the plus side - perfect bluebird habitat ^^

Happy May the Fourth!

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Critter pics!

My phone app keeps crashing every time I try to upload pictures, so doing this the old fashioned way - with a cord to the phone, whoa, weird! :P

Bunny-cat!  I moved the catfood up onto the dresser to keep her out of it, and walked in to discover she'd jumped up and was munching away.  Doesn't seem to have done her any harm so far, but I'm going to have to up my game to keep her out of it - I'm pretty sure cat food is not good for bunnies long term.


More critter pics! And one spider web but no spider on it.Collapse )

The Critter Count

3 cats (permanent residents)
2 bettas (permanent residents)
1 domestic bunny rabbit (looking for home, no really)
1 yellow-bellied slider (looking for home, no really)
3 baby squirrels (eating solid food - yay!)
3 baby raccoons (two bigger kids, one tiny fellow who came at a few days old, all still on bottles 4X a day)
5 baby opossums (drinking from a dish - yay!)
released yesterday: 4 wild baby rabbits

And that's not counting the three rescued black rat snakes and the bat hibernating in the fridge at work! *flops*

Oh yes, and the fence lizard.

So, tomorrow's agenda: critter laundry, upgrade opossums and raccoons to larger cage, grocery for critter veggies for the squirrels, set up new house outside for yellow-bellied slider (her wading pool sprung a leak last year, so I invested in a nifty 140 gallon stock tank that arrived yesterday - since she emerged from hibernation she's been living in a rather dinky plastic tub in the kitchen). Weed the roses, mow the grass.

In other news, have been watching an episode or two of Steven Universe each night - they're only 11 or so minutes long - and OMG this show! I'm up to "Catfinger." CATFINGER! XD I've been seeing bits and bobs on tumblr, and I didn't care for the style at first but it seemed intriguing and now it is all that is adorable and hilarious.

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Earrings, back in service!

I had to stop wearing pierced earrings several years ago when my ears developed allergies, probably to nickel, and even though the holes have closed up they do weird scabby swelling things sometimes - thought of getting them re-pierced, but didn't want to mess with possible complications. Tried various clip ons, but those puppies hurt after a few hours. Then stumbled across these hoop dealies from

They just slide on over your ear and hang around your earlobe, pretty nifty!

I can wear all my dangly earrings again! I have all kinds of fun bugs and plants and animals I used to wear for nature programs, a la Ms Frizzle, just adapted them with a little ring to slide on over the hoops.

Pretty pricey - with shipping nearly $65 for the 1-inch sterling sliver hoops. But, considering it put nearly 15 pairs of other earrings back in commission, not too bad a bargain.

A bit noisy - can hear the earrings clink and jingle more than I remember them doing with pierced. I don't really notice it anymore except when I first put them on.

A little uncomfortable when I answer the phone at work, especially if I try to hold to phone with just my neck, kind of squnches everything.

One did manage to fall off when I was bent over almost upside down - pulling weeds I think, and wearing a heavier dangly that slid it up and off the thinner part of my upper ear, so gotta watch that, especially if I go poking around in ponds. Otherwise very secure, even in today's gale force winds.

Cons are pretty minor, and well worth the fun of having opossums and dragonflies and frogs and such on my ears again. In my line of work necklaces and rings and bracelets aren't very practical, so earrings are the only jewelry I've ever managed to wear with any regularity.


Apr. 15th, 2015

First baby opossums of the year have arrived - they'd been away from their mom for two days, and so weren't in the best shape (there were six originally and now I'm down to four), but the survivors are doing great now, nice and squirmy. Fur and eyes starting to open, so now that they're stable their chances are pretty good.

Still have bunny rabbit - no luck getting anyone to adopt, and all the rescues are full due to recent hoarding cases and pet store confiscations. She probably needs to be spayed (unspayed rabbits are prone to uterine cancer), which normally runs $200-$300, but hopefully the exotic vet will be willing to give me the rescue rate of $50, and I'd also like to get her checked over and just double check I'm doing everything right - I read up on bunny care, but this is the first domestic rabbit I've had more than a few days. Gandalf remains mostly offended by this rabbit shoving him around (the other two cats remain horrified and run away), but the other day I had them both snuggled against my legs with Gan licking the bunny's ears - hee! She stays in a puppy pen in the kitchen during the day, but gets hoparound time in the evening - I've walled off a corridor through the living room and into the spare bedroom where there are no electrical cords to nibble. Leaves some poops here and there, occasional small spot of pee, so not perfect on the potty training (spaying is supposed to help with that, too, by making them less territorial, although since she's already gotten in the habit and gone outside her box it might not work). At least it's pretty easy to clean up.

Navigating a difficult situation at work - one of my staff had a tragic personal loss, and my sense was that she really wanted to keep her work life separate from it, but other staff were pulling at the bit wanting to Make Sure She Was OK (she hadn't given details, just that she'd be off work for awhile, but thanks to Facebook tags we now know the details. Thanks, Facebook >_>) and OFFER CONDOLENCES and they really were concerned and worried and we're a close, small staff, but I was inwardly cringing because my instincts were all going "ack, no, she's giving off massive 'give me space and privacy' vibes right now." So, I've been using my words and communicating with her via email and passing on to staff how best to respect her wishes and for our help to hopefully be more helpful than burdensome (I can already feel myself trending towards Inappropriately Cheerful, but trying to accept that there's really no perfect way to handle things, and all we can do is our best to be honest and kind).

On a different note, had an awesome dream last night that I was touring the REAL Hogwarts, not the one they used in the movie. All I remember now is that the staircases were smaller than they were in the movies and that I was trying to take selfies so I could post it on LJ, and I woke up ridiculously happy that I'd actually gotten to see it! XD Alas, I have no selfies of me in dream-REAL!Hogwarts to show you - I will try to put up some critter and flower pics later though.

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Apr. 2nd, 2015

LJ wants us to lure friends back with paid account time. Huh. Much as I miss folks and would love to see old familiar user names back again (hello dear long-time-no-see folks, if you should be lurking! *wave-glomp*) I just don't see that going over well. Although if anyone's particularly particularly desperate for a month of account time for some reason, hit me up and I'll "lure" you back ^_~

Stray bunny has undergone a complete 180 in personality. She's an absolute scamp, she is. Has broken out of just about every containment system I've devised and has been galumphing around the house (nothing like bunny herding at 3am, lol). Luckily she doesn't seem to be a big nibbler, so my power cords are all intact, so far. Her first few days she would barely eat, and it took her two days to poop and pee (which can be bad in rabbits, if things shut down or there's a blockage - I was a few hours away from calling the exotic vet), but now she's nibbling timothy hay and pellets and all the things she's supposed to nibble: carrot tops and kale and broccoli are all hits, zucchini and mustard greens not so much, and producing piles of droppings and pee on the regular. The first several days she would freeze if one of the cats was nearby and run away if I tried to touch her, now she's hopping up on the couch and shoving Gandalf out of the way so she can get pettings. Poor Gan, he hisses and then gives way to this weird cat, who has also been so rude as to leave rabbit droppings in his litter box! Watching Gan cover them in disgust was one of the more hilarious things I've ever seen XD

New education opossum at work (not at home, thank goodness - opossums and bunnies in the same house are not a good combo, and this bunny won't stay put). This guy was born with deformed front legs - they curl up so that he walks on his wrists - another rehabber rescued him but couldn't keep him, so a conservation officer brought him on Sunday. Kind of scared about being handled still, but he was having a good time stumping around the office yesterday and snorfling everything:

Work has entered full-blown crazy season, with the usual shenanigans that make me want to flop in despair sometimes, but there are frogs and flowers and many good things going on, too, and I truly do work with some amazing wonderful people. I feel like I've rebuilt my work-social circle after pretty much total staff turnover two summers ago, and there's still some weirdness at the upper admin levels, but the Big Boss has grown on me and done some pretty supportive stuff. So yay? Yes, yay. *firm nod*

Niecelet continues to be Cutest Baby in Universe. She's not crawling, quite, but she was planking yesterday - a full body push up! Very impressive, I don't know if I could do that for very long. I was giving her velociraptor screech lessons last week and managed to get video of her doing a perfect mimic screechy-squawk sound *melts* Auntie Worms is so proud :P

Thunderstorms rolling through, mmmmmm, nice *wafts rain towards West coast* Although down to freezing again tomorrow night. I've been growing Jack-in-the-pulpit seeds and they're just now starting to sprout; might be ok since they're early spring wildflowers anyway, but will probably bring them in just to be safe.

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I have captured the bunny!

All ur Easter are belong to me.

Found this cute little doober at the vacant house across the road and lured her in with carrots and some fresh pear slices.

More slightly blurry bunny pics - she doesn"t hold still!Collapse )


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