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[sticky post] Master fic list

Long overdue - I've been meaning to make a master fic post for awhile now, and tada! Here it is! :) Please let me know if any of the links are glitched up, or any other errors. Sticky post, so it should stay at the top of my journal.


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Saturday Night Snippet - on Thursday!

I don't think anyone will mind if I post this early ^^ Inspired a bit by tiamatschild's folklore meme - have some Optimus and Roller cuteness:

Protectobot Beginningsverse, warning for a couple of teaser legends slash fairy talesCollapse )

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Saturday Night Snippet!

Or, technically, Saturday afternoon, where I am. Fairly long one, this time! More of my somewhat cracky time-travelling Bumblebee headcanon (which I mostly blame on the Steve Jablonsky soundtrack song for him, and trying to make sense of Bayverse 07 Bee). If I were writing for serious business, I would probably cut all of this out as being too confusing and cluttering up plotlines and all, but since I'm not and it's what my brain wants to do, I'm indulging it :) Go wild, little neurons.

Protectobot Beginningsverse, no warnings. Sunstreaker has an issue with Bumblebee"s paintjob, or lack thereof.Collapse )

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Saturday Night Snippet!

Trying to get back into the writing swing again, so going to see if I can manage to write a snippet a week, and Saturday is (usually) my day off, and also alliteration. That should be doable, right? So!

No warnings, just weary, silly P-bots :)

Introducing Saturday Snippet the first, Protectobot BeginningsverseCollapse )

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Storm video from last night

This was from my front porch last night - most of the worst of the storm stayed north or south of me, so I weathered everything ok, but my boss's family had to be evacuated by canoe from their home further south in the state.

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Unplugged D:

Yesterday my washer broke (in the middle of a bunch of critter laundry, so I had to bail out a load of very soggy towels and haul up seven or eight buckets of soapy dirty water) and now tonight my internet seems to have given out. Not sure if it's from the big storm this afternoon - everything looks ok - my house didn't seem to get hit very hard, just a few small branches down, but wonder if some of the tubes got damaged somewhere *vague hand wave*.

Thank goodness I still have my phone! More storms rolling through tonight - we are so soggy around here I could release fish in the backyard, wish I could waft this to y'all in the droughts (minus the tornado warnings, of course - it's going to be one of those "stay ready to dive for the basement" nights).

Raccoons and Decepticon Hondas

Yesterday on my way home I was passed by a dark blue Honda FIT with a Decepticon logo! My little turquoise-blue Autobot-Glyph Honda FIT car was most intrigued! I was hoping we'd catch up again at the usual rush hour traffic jam, but didn't see it again, maybe it'll show up another day though :D

The biting pancakes are back from the vet and doing great - they've got a week and half of antibiotic injections before they can be released. Did their first shots today - turtles are much easier than raccoons! Gave them their distemper/parvo shots last week, which actually went pretty smoothly. I've ended up with five of them, orphaned raccoon babies, long term. Everyone else that could possibly take them is full, so I've commandeered the cat pen for raccoons, alas for poor Toast, my outdoors loving kitty. They are expensive and time consuming (I could raise thirty baby opossums with what it takes for one raccoon! Actually, I am raising thirty baby opossums, but that's a whole other post :P ), but on the other hand they're so so hilarious and adorable. I keep filling up my phone memory with videos and pictures, so today I downloaded a whole bunch to YouTube to clear some space. I've been trying to put something new in their cage for them to explore every day - here they are investigating some plastic toys-in-a-pan (complete with fireworks from the neighbors going off occasionally in the background - my neighborhood sounds like a battleground for the entire months of June and July):

If you need a longer dose of raccoon cute and frolics, here's the whole playlist, about 20 videos:
Baby raccoon YouTube playlist

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Baby Cliffjumper

Check out this adorable electic car I get to drive at work! We inherited it from somewhere, not sure how that came about. It's got two front seats and a fairly reasonable hatchback trunk area - plenty of room for a tub with two fish-hooked turtles for a drive to the vet. Steering is kind of stiff at slow speeds, and takes it a bit to accelerate to highway speeds, but still a fun drive. It would work as a commuter car for me only if I always remembered to plug it in every night, or could plug in at work - I think a full charge would probably take me to work and home and maaybe to work again the next day, but probably not back home a second time. For quick errands and bopping around the park, though, it's just right!


Purple coneflower, an ant's eye view

Few more pictures - critters and plantsCollapse )

Combiner OC

Inspired by a few tumblr posts about the new combiner Victorion (who I have very little idea what she's all about, from one of the series, idk what *vague handwave*), I suddenly had librarian combiner Vocabularion in my head, with component members Indexia, Asterisk, Journal, Lexicon, and Citation.

Don't mess with the Librariobots, or you'll be filed. :D

Aaaand that's about all I've got for headcanon, except that they're probably all related to Optimus somehow, Archivist background and all...

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